The media landscape is changing rapidly. Lines between traditional media, online and social media, journalism and advocacy are blurring. This creates tremendous opportunities for those who can navigate the environment - and huge risks for those who cannot.

Blue Pool Communications helps you understand the media environment and use a full range of communications tools to support your business objectives. We will help you develop and deliver a communications strategy that takes advantage of the available opportunities while managing the downside. We don’t have preconceived approaches or cookie-cut strategies. We’ll work with you to find the right strategy for your business. We understand that sometimes less is more and for some clients discretion is more important than promotion.

  • Content: Advertorials, blogs, reports, internal newsletters
  • Owned media channels: Distribution via newsletters, websites, blogs, video, social media channels         
  • Native content: Native content/advertorials, traditional advertising, digital content marketing, conference sponsorship
  • Earned media: Traditional PR and media relations. Managing media-relatedrisks
  • Measurement: Monitoring and metrics