It has been a busy few months at Blue Pool and our work has taken us far and wide. It was great to see EMPEA pull off another successful Global Private Equity Conference in Washington DC. We helped with the programming and sponsorship and look forward to working with them on their upcoming events in London in the Autumn.

On the messaging side, we have been working with one of the UK’s largest asset managers to re-message their real estate business. This has been an exciting project.

Content generation remains at the core of what we do at Blue Pool, and we were very happy to be able to help a new client, DBS Bank in Singapore, produce a speech that one of their senior executives was giving at the annual ICC meeting. We also created a feature article for Société Générale extolling the virtues of derivatives that appeared in Global Capital’s 30th anniversary special edition.  And we have been helping Haymarket’s new research division produce guides to Asia’s institutional investment landscape.

We are also working closely with two new fund clients as they launch their businesses. Increasingly, alternative investment funds see that having a coherent communications strategy can be a real differentiator in a crowded space. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to press coverage. But client communications have never been more important. Get this right at the beginning, and you set the tone for successful growth.


We all suffer from information overload. Most of us feel that there is just too much to read - some of it fake, most of it real. One question clients often ask is why add to this. Does anyone need another investment outlook or white paper and if so what can be done to stand out? I would answer this in three ways. Firstly, despite there being a lot out there, it is surprising how much people do read. And for a firm with a good brand and an appetite for growth, producing content and marketing the firm through that content is worthwhile. Why do so many firms do it? Because it works.

Secondly, it is vital to choose a subject on which you have expertise and something valuable to say. Insight gleaned from the front line adds real value. Be prepared to reveal. And then make sure you present it perfectly and back it up with widespread distribution. Great content is a mix of insights, presentation and distribution.

Taking this a stage further, some of my clients are taking the negative of information overload and turning it into a positive. Producing content that is curated from other sources can give great insight. The editorial choices that are made in the curation process reveal a lot. This can range from a simple collation of articles that principals in the firm are reading this month. To a more systematic curation of the best papers, articles, videos, podcasts and books on a particular theme. In other words, you are putting a huge amount of external source material through an internal filtration process of expertise. People like that. It saves them time and it shows what you really think. It also positions the firm alongside thought leaders in that particular area, delivering brand adjacency. Package it well and distribute it thoroughly and you have one recipe for a successful content marketing strategy.